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So what happens next?

So what happens next?

If your loan is approved in principle, our simple 3 step guide below shows you what to do next.

1 Check your emails

You will receive an email shortly with details about your An Post Money loan application, including information about your interest rate and monthly repayments. This email will also include a link to our document hub, and instructions on how to progress. 

2 Upload your documents

Follow the easy instruction guide to upload the documents which will allow Avantcard to finalise your application. If you need any help, our friendly team are here to assist. 

3 Sign your contract

To finalise your An Post Money loan, you will be required to sign your credit agreement and provide Avantcard with your bank account details. Upon receipt of this information, the funds will be transferred into your account shortly thereafter. A copy of your credit agreement will also be posted to you for your records.

Central Credit Register

Central Credit Register

You have certain rights and obligations under the Credit Reporting Act 2013, and to find out more about them go to