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Find the answer to the questions we get asked the most about our personal loan rates.


How do I know what the interest rate and repayment of my personal loan will be?

We will assign you the appropriate rate for you based on your financial profile and credit history once your application has been reviewed.

  • Personal loans of €5,000-€7,499 have rates from 8.1% to 13.4% fixed (8.4% to 14.3% APR) depending on your financial profile.


  • Personal loans of €7,500-14,999 have rates from 8.1% to 12.7% fixed (8.4% to 13.5% APR) depending on your financial profile.


  • Personal loans of €15,000-€24,999 have rates from 8.1% to 12.2% fixed (8.4% to 12.9% APR) depending on your financial profile.


  • Personal loans of €25,000-€75,000 have rates from 8.1% to 11.8% fixed (8.4% to 12.5% APR) depending on your financial profile.

When do I find out what my interest rate will be?

Once your application has been approved in principle, we’ll send you an email which will outline your approved terms, including your interest rate. There will also be a link to our document hub. This is where you will upload the documents so we can finalise your application and send your loan amount straight into your current account.

Can I change the rate on my existing loan if my financial circumstances change?

Our personal loan interest rates are fixed for the duration of the loan and, if you choose to pay the loan off early, you will not incur any early repayment penalties. Click here for more information on managing your debt.

When you complete a credit search, what information is shown on my credit report?

To see the information on your credit report you can request a copy at www.icb.ie

What does CCR mean for me?

Avantcard shares your information with the Central Credit Register (CCR) which is used to create individual credit reports.  The Central Bank of Ireland owns the information held on the CCR and is the data controller under the Data Protection Acts. You have a right to request your credit report, free of charge at any time (subject to fair usage).  For more information click here.