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Next steps once you have been approved

Once your application for a loan or new credit card has been approved, we will send you an email with a link to our document hub. This is where you can upload your documents to complete your application. Once successful we can then order your new credit card or send your new loan amount straight to your current account

How to upload your documents

How to upload your documents

1Log in to the An Post Money Document Hub

You will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth and application number so that you can upload your supporting documentation for your loan or credit card application.

Top Tip for successfully loading your documents

The easiest way to load your documents is to simply take a photo of the document using your smart phone. To upload the document, access your photos and select the photo of the document. Please ensure the picture of the document is very clear and that it is provided in colour. You may also be able to save and load documents in PDF format e.g. bank statements.

Loading your proof of identification

You will need photographic proof of your identity, this document needs to be within date, not expired and one of the following:  

1. Passport – please ensure that when you take a photograph of your passport, pages three and four are both clearly visible. 

2. Driving licence – If you have either the old paper licence or new card format, please ensure that the photo you take of the licence clearly shows your name, photo and expiry date.

3. Immigration card/Garda age card - please ensure that the photo you take of your card clearly shows your name, photo and expiry date.

Loading your proof of address

You can use one of the following documents dated within the last 3 month: utility bill, bank statement, P60, revenue document, social insurance document, household/motor insurance certificate.

When taking a photo of the proof of address, we need to see the full page clearly. Please ensure the image is not blurry and this will enable us to verify your address. 

Loading your proof of income

To verify your income we will need to see your last  three months personal bank statements. The statements need to be for the account that your income is paid into. Statements can be downloaded from your personal online bank account and then saved in PDF format for uploading to our document hub. All documents need to be supplied in colour.

Self-employed: If you are self employed  you can use your last two years tax assessment forms, these must include tax returns and Revenue acceptance forms. These documents  can be obtained from your accountant or from Revenue, please ensure that the documents are uploaded In colour.

Income not paid into your account? You can use a photo or PDF of a pay slip, social welfare receipt, most recent pension statement or tax certificate.

2You’re nearly there!

If you have applied for a new loan you will need to complete the following actions in the document hub:

Review your contract and set up a direct debit - once your documents have been submitted for review, you will receive an email to examine your contract and set up your direct debit. For this you will need your BIC and IBAN numbers.

3Time to sign your contract

It’s now time for you to review your loan or credit card contract – for a loan, simply click on the credit agreement and other documentation. Once you have read and are happy with the terms outlined, click ‘I have read and accept the terms and conditions’. This is your electronic signature and once you click ‘Confirm’ this will finalise your new loan .

To accept the terms of your credit agreement for your new credit card, all you need to do is use your account or activate your card.


Your new Credit Card or Loan amount is on the way and will be with your shortly. A copy of your credit agreement will be posted to you separately.

If you have any questions or queries or if we can help in any way, please contact our dedicated Customer Service Team.